Can a v1 app be published to the app stores?


I built an app for a client about 5 years ago using Ionic v1 (1.3.1) and ngCordova. Now, they have requested some updates to the app.

Will I be able to republish (update) a v1 app to the Apple App Store and Google Play? I recall reading a while ago that this would not be possible, but I cannot find where I read that.

Thank you.

I am not an expert but maybe the cordova version will give you challenges given api requirements for the target and changes in webviews or so

I don’t think so, A lot has changed since V1. Is the app still publish in the stores? You would still need to update a lot of the packages and depending on the ones used most of them have been deprecated.

@mikrochipkid Yes, it’s still in the stores. Good point about all of the deprecated packages. Sounds like a nightmare scenario.