Camera not working for video

H all. i am working on ionic application. ` am getting problem in camera.
i want video comments in my application. i use cordova plugin add cordova-plugin-camera plugin .
when i make apk and run it on my real device all other parts work fine but when i click on video button
for video comment it shows white screen . when i debug it i gives plugin not installed error.
i reinstall it. i also tried reinstallation after removing plugin folder,
node module,package-lock.json,www folder but again same issue. any help would be appreciated
my code is

`captureVideo() {
let options: VideoCapturePlusOptions = {
limit: 1,
duration: 30,
} this.mediaCapture.captureVideo(options).then((res: MediaFile) => {debugger;
this.capturedFile = res[0];
this.fileName =;;
let dir = this.capturedFile.fullPath;

            let fromDirectory = dir.join('/');
            this.toDirectory = this.file.dataDirectory;
            this.file.copyFile(fromDirectory , this.fileName , this.toDirectory  , this.fileName).then((res) => {
                this.storeMediaFiles([{name: this.fileName, size: this.capturedFile.size}]);
            },err => {
                console.log('err: ', err);

        err => console.error(err));