Buttons keeps active class after click

Heey, I’m using Ionic v4,

On my homepage i got a fab button which activates a actionsheet on click, when i do this on browser or iOS all works fine but once i go to android and click the button, than close the actionsheet the button keeps the activated class. (like below)


    <ion-fab vertical="top" horizontal="start" slot="fixed">
        <ion-fab-button color="light" (click)="presentActionSheet()">
            <ion-img src="../../../assets/icon/menu.svg" alt="menu"></ion-img>

I tried playing around with names, modes ect. but on all times the button stays active on android (tested on S10 and onePlus 6) while any other platform workes fines.

Their is also no extra css added to any of the components and neither targeted by the .ts file.

Hope somebody can help me further with this one.

Best regards,

Did you found the solution? I’m facing the same problem.