How to not close Fab on click?

Anyone knows how to not close a fab group when a button is clicked? I would like to keep the fab open when I select the action buttons but only close it when I click on the close one

<ion-fab vertical="bottom" horizontal="start" slot="fixed">
           <ion-icon name="apps"></ion-icon>
        <ion-fab-list side="end">
             <ion-fab-button color="medium" onClick={() => this.actionNotClose()}>
                    <ion-icon name="arrow-forward"></ion-icon>
             <ion-fab-button color="medium" onClick={() => this.actionNotClose()}>
                    <ion-icon name="arrow-back"></ion-icon>

Hi @reedrichards!

I accomplished this in Ionic/Angular by passing the event to the function as a parameter, and then stopping the event from bubbling up with event.stopPropagation(), so the ion-fab component doesn’t close the FAB.

Hope it helps!


@FdezRomero perfect :+1:

stupidly I only tried e.preventDefault, didn’t thought about stopPropagation :yum:

Haha no problem! :smile: I did this last week so I just remembered.

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