Building frontend and backend on same pc good idea?


I will be building an ionic2 app along with a MEAN stack backend on the same PC. I will be using webstorm on ubuntu.

My question is would it be better to download the bitnami image and run a virtual machine to keep the backend environment seperate? How do you guys do it?


I use Docker Compose to manage all this, both locally on a VM for development and for deploying.


It might make it a little bit more difficult if I develop MEAN in a docker. Mainly because when I deploy it to google container engine, I need may have to create one container for mongo, one for express and so on.

Am I talking rubbish or can you deploy it together in a single container?


Based from this response on stack

That’s the point of compose. I typically have four containers in an app backend - nginx, the application server, postgresql, and data. Compose manages them as a unit and gives them their own private network to communicate amongst.

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