Integrating Ionic in to existing apps

We’re aiming to build a hybrid app and have been testing Cordova recently when we discovered Ionic. Our requirements are slightly different though to just building and packaging an app for sale on the store/market though. We are building app code which we want to distribute as a complete SDK that can be given to other developers to (hopefully simply) integrate in to their existing apps.

A completely fictional example: Acme Ltd has an existing app for weather on the app store, our SDK would be provided to Acme developers to integrate which allows them to create a new button in their app that when clicked opens our hybrid code (neatly within the existing Acme Weather app) and lets the user to be geo-located and do X, Y and Z (where X, Y and Z aren’t important they are just three fairly simple functions).

Is Ionic a suitable tool for this?

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Hi. I know this question is very old but I’m running into the same scenario. Could you give me some advice if you miraculously read this reply?

I would suggest looking into Stencil (which didn’t exist at the time this thread was born).