Facebook Login Hask Key configuration issue



I am able to get to the FB login section and use the Native plugin. the issue when i am logged in through FB, Facebook shows this error on the FB App

“errorMessage”:"Facebook error: Invalid key hash. The key hash {MyKey} does not match any stored key hashes. Configure your app key hashes at https://developers.facebook.com/apps/{MyID}

i have generated the key using the right method and added it to the FB page. I am not sure where is My App picking this key from and sending to Facebook. The error appears to be coming on the FB App itself.

do you know what i can be doing wrong. is they needed on the IONIC app for FB login to work, if so where should i add it?

lastly i am using an mobile S4 to test the App


Method 1:
Just copy your {MyKey} from error and add it to Key Hashes.Later you may have to add another key hash when you sign your app for release. :wink:

Method 2:
Create signing key and sign your debug apk.

Get you key hash by running

keytool -exportcert -alias androiddebugkey -keystore C:\PATH\debug.keystore | "C:\openSSL\bin\openssl" sha1 -binary | "C:\openSSL\bin\openssl" base64

And add that key to key hashes.


Thank you Patwaswapnil

I did create the sign key using that line and copied it over to FB. still it appears that somehow it does not like it.

do i have to do something to the app?


do i have to do something to the app? No as far as i know, just ensure you are using correct APP_ID and bundle id.

Try method 1. It should work.


Method 1 works great thanks !