Info.plist problem after build

Hey folks.

Been going around in circles for hours now, so ending up here.
im trying to implement facebook login (native from ionic). ive followed the guides (about 4 at this point, but all the same), and everything looks good!

then i run
ionic build
npx cap add ios

  • at this point the console gives me some warning
    eg .
    "[warn] Plugin cordova-plugin-facebook4 might require you to add

in the existing CFBundleURLTypes entry of your Info.plist to work"

i firstly ignored them, and when i ran npx cap open ios, the app runs, but i get ‘no facebook ID sent’.

so i went back to the console, and started inserting the code from above (warnings). then when i run npx cap open ios, the build fails in xcode with
"error: unable to read property list from file: etc etc’.

so firstly, do i take the console as truth, and add the parts recommended?
if so, when it says <string>fb$APP_ID</string>, do i insert that, or <string>fb121212</string>

i must be missing something step, but at this point im clueless, as i have seen nobody have this problem in any tutorial/video!



so for some strange reason, i had to manually add an item under ‘url schemes’ (fb121212). it is part of the list file on the ios folder file, but not when it gets to xcode !?!

well hopefully thats the end of it!