Swift Compiler Error on Xcode, with Capactior Plugins


I am wondering if someone would advise or point me in the right direction in solving my issue.

I am working on an Ionic project, with Capacitor 3. I recently updated my Xcode to 13.1.

Now when I perform a build I get the following Swift errors, for various plugins

Value of optional type 'CBService?' must be unwrapped to refer to member 'uuid' of wrapped base type 'CBService'

Command CompileSwiftSources failed with a nonzero exit code

I am using the BluetoothLe, PushNotifications and Geolocation Capacitor pluings.

The first Error is for Bluetooth and the other was there for PushNotifications and Geolocation .

Has anything changed in Swift or Xcode, causing these issues?

Capacitor 3 requires Xcode 12+

Extremely Sorry, i am using 13.1 . I made a typing error previously.

There were some changes on the Bluetooth API when using SDK 15 to build (which is used if you compile with Xcode 13).
Make sure you are using latest version of the plugin and report the bug if you are in latest version.

Would it be a good idea, to go back to previous version of Xcode? As it’s seems to be an issue with all my capacitor plugins?

I am new to Mac and Xcode, can you run multiple versions of Xcode? What is the best practices

Is there any computability issue with Xcode 13.1 and Ionic?

There are no issues with Xcode 13.1 and ionic. It’s just the Bluetooth plugin, if you uninstall it you’ll see the other plugins don’t error.
You can have multiple xcode versions, you can download them from here

This issue has been solved in version v1.3.1 (2021-09-22) of the Capacitor Community Bluetooth plugin.