Build Erorr in Ionic Framework - @ionic-native/sms

Help! I hate to ask, but I can’t find anything through googling. I have just added code to my project to use the @ionic-native/sms package. Everything seems OK on my machine, no problem running ionic serve, etc. However, when I push my changes to the cloud and try a build there, I am getting a build error:

[02:27:49] typescript: src/app/app.module.ts, line: 28
Cannot find module ‘@ionic-native/SMS’.

On my machine, I can look in the modules folder and see it, but it seems like it’s not getting installed on the server for some reason. How does the server figure out which modules to install? Locally, I am telling my machine to install the cordova plugin, then the native package. I’m assuming the server is using some other means of figuring out which packages must be installed.

Thanks in advance for any hints/suggestions/magical incantations . . .