Android build problem, missing rxjs module

Hello. I just subscribed to “Launch” pack for native builds and wanted to test Android build.
Locally my master commit builds perfectly and run on devices and simulator.
However, when I submit Android build in console it fails:

Cannot find module: ‘rxjs’. Make sure this package is installed.

Can anybody help please ? How can I add this dependency to the building environment ?

did you install it ?
I mean, did you try “npm install rxjs -s” and build again.

Locally it did build correctly. The problem has been solved deleting package-lock.json and rebuilding it.

Thanks for sharing. I had a similar problem with ionic-native and solved it by install rxjs, good to know!

It seems that for any obscure reason ionic-native does’t install this dependency.

Edit : the difference for me was the issue came when I also build locally