Build apk which is not my project


Hello, ive installed a fully working app in windows and uploaded to google play.
works on my phone.

now im using mac.

  1. i ran the command:
    cordova build --release android
    and a new unsigned apk is there.
  2. im signing the apk successfully via the android studio with a keystore ive just created.
  3. and a signed apk is there. good.
  4. im downloading this apk direct to my phone to check how it runs (before uploaded to google play or something).
  5. the application is just “hello world” app with nothing there.
    and the application named as: “My Application” and not as i called it, and the app icon is the android logo and NOT the icon i manualy set for it.

notice: when im running the command ionic run android --livereload it works and it loads the actual app im working on.

why is this??
also, i did the commands ionic resources --icon and --splash if it matters some how.



if you can mail me when comment