Has the build process changed since the docs were written?


I’m trying to follow the docs here: http://ionicframework.com/docs/guide/publishing.html

But things don’t seem to pan out as they say they should.

e.g. running “cordova build --release android” works but doesn’t result in an unsigned apk showing up in platforms/android/bin in fact, there’s no bin folder in the android folder at all.

Obvs, from then on it all kinda falls apart :smiley:

So is there a more recent, more accurate build process? Apologies if this seems like a n00b question but much about the Ionic platform, AngularJS and pretty much everything that comes with it is new to me so I’m having to pick it all up as I go! :smile:


Anyone able to provide help?


I think apk files are in ant-build folder now