Build an cordova release

I have problem when i will build my first app . this my problem can you help me image

It has to do with your app resources (splash screen/icon), the lowdown is one of the image files is corrupt and you need to regenerate them with the “ionic resources” command.

Look at this thread which discusses exactly the same issue:

I also had this problem in the past and one other thing I found out is that “ionic resources” caches the files, I think in your “temp” directory (for instance /tmp). “ionic resources” doesn’t have an option to clear the cache (many people are complaining about this) but what worked well for me was to clear the cache manually (just delete the fils from /tmp).

And keep in mind that you can generate the icons and splash screen separately witjh “ionic resources --icon” and “ionic resources --splash”.

okey thank you . now i can build it

Cool, glad to help you out. As you can see the error message is cryptic but the solution is simple (as is often the case).