Build a dynamic table

I’m looking for a scheduler component to include in my project, but as I can’t find one (free or not, not a problem), I was thinking to build my own dynamic table.
By default, I would display the content of the current month, I was thinking to change the month with buttons, is that possible to make something like this?
Thanks by advance

Add your exact need so that any one can help you in getting the thing that you are looking for.

I would like to make something like this :

Above the table, I would like to add 2 buttons to change the month, one to display the previous month, a second one to display the following month, events would have a specific background color.

I made a test page on here, the problem I currently have is to apply a background color to a cell which contains some text, I was thinking to do that via css


That is why they invented it


Alright, I made one, it was easier than I had in mind