I'm struck with ngif to show piece of html code or not help me

I’m working on custom calendar. this going great
i have code it in c++

int current_month = 31;
int start_day = 2;
cout << endl << "Mon\tTue\tWed\tThr\tFri\tSat\tSun\n"; 
	for (int i = 1; i < start_day; i++) 
		cout << " \t"; 
	for (int j = 1; j <= current_month; j++) 
	if (((j + start_day - 2) % 7 == 0) && (j != 1)) 
		cout << endl; 
		cout << j  << "\t"; 
	cout << endl << endl;

i have to do this in ionic i tried but struck in the middle

<table padding-top>
        <th colspan="7" class="month">APRIL</th>
        <tr class="days-row">
             <td *ngFor="let Bday of start_days"></td>
              // the above code work good now i have to start new row when 7 td complete 
              // *ngIf="((j + start - 2) % 7 == 0) && (j != 1)" this code will help to determined that 7 blocks have completed now its time to add new row (</tr><tr><td>{{j+1}}</td) how implement this step 
            <td *ngFor="let day of no_days; let j = index">{{j+1}}</td> //it prints 31 days in a single line
// ============  In ts file
 made array of number of days in a month 
and starting day of month


Are you working in Ionic 4?




i’m using ionic 3 need a custom calendar where user can’t enter the event . we have to change color according to API data

Then why use C++? Typescript much simpler fit.

i need a custom calendar can you please help me in this

i’m new in ionic . i have command in c++ so it practice the code of calendar in C++ now i have to convert it in ionic getting problem to implement the algorithm of add new row

(((j + start_day - 2) % 7 == 0) && (j != 1))

I don’t understand why you’re writing web browser code in C++. Do you want to compile it to Javascript before building in Ionic? Most browsers don’t understand C++. (Maybe none of them does.)

i wrote it in C++ just for my practice
i need it in ionic . i’m trying to write it in angular i’m getting problem to add new row when the 7 cell (<td>) complete but i dont know how to add the ngif condition in td i hvae the algorithm which can add new row eg; <td *ngFor="let Bday of start_days"></td><td *ngFor="let Bday of start_days"></td> this will add td if the don’t start on Monday then it will add empty <td> that is all good

<td *ngFor="let day of no_days; let j = index">{{j+1}}</td>this code add date 123 <td>1</td><td>2</td>.. the problem is that it print all the date in one line as shown in above picture i wanted to add if statement which requires a tag and which result disturb calendar view
i tried <ng-container> tag for *ngIf

 <td *ngFor="let day of no_days; let j = index">{{j+1}}
                <ng-container *ngIf="((j + start - 2) % 7 == 0) && (j != 1)">
                  </td> </tr><tr><td> {{j+1}}
            </td>//this if condition come true it will close previous <td> and row<tr> and start new row and cell with the date but it give error html 

Write in Typescript. Don’t put such heavy code into your template, or you’ll have performance issues, For the most part, you want your HTML to have a very simple job: it displays the results of what your Typescript controller has already computed.

what i have to do is there any type code available