[Bug/issue] Ion refresher & ion scroll [Video provided]

Hey guys,

Currently I have 2 pages which have ion-scrolls inside cards taking up a smal portion of the screen and both pages contain a pull to refresh feature. On iOS this isn’t a problem, but on Android it is… If I scroll down the small ion-scroll list and then decide to scroll back up (pulling down on the ion-scroll) it activates my pull to refresh which is shouldn’t do so. Is there anyways around this issue/bug?

A small work around is use 2 fingers on the ion-scroll to combat it but I want to to be a single finger pull for the ion scroll.


Added a video to show what I’m talking about to hopefully help understand my issue.

So I have an iPhone (left), and 2 Android (middle and right). iOS devices do not have this issue however Android devices DO have this issue. So when I scroll down the list, works fine. When I want to scroll back up the list, iOS works fine but on Android it activates my pull to refresh instead. A work around is to use 2 fingers but I don’t want to use this as a work around, I would like it to work as it does on the iOS. Is there any clear fix for this?


i think it is not intendend to have multiple ion refresher on a single view… also not a typical use case.

Um no I meant each individual page, no multiple refresh instances in a single page. So for example, I have my sales screen with 1 ion-refresh at the top of my code. And then on this page I have my card, within that is a fixed height ion-scroll. When I scroll down that small ion-scroll it works, but when I want to scroll back up I can’t because I’m doing the pull down action which activates my pull to refresh command, even though I do the pull inside the scroll. if you need more sense, I can grab a video of the activity to show you.

Added a video with some evidence.