Bug Ionic on Ios Emulator [ tap = double tap ] why? IOS 10



I have a big problem since time on Ionic when using the IOS emulator with IOS 10.

For simplicity :
I have tabs in my application.
When I want to change to view A to view B with the tab, I need to do a double tap on the icon that found in the tabs and not only one tap.

Do you know why ?

Whereas if I test with Ionic Serve, only one tap need.

Thank you for your help because it is very annoying and this effect is more boutton on my app.

thank you in advance


did you find out solution??? in my app, just double tap is working.
single tap is not working.



No solution for this moment.


Hi, i still have no idea. i really want to know why the problem arised.


Hi, I chat on another forum and The fabulous Nick find the solution !


I finally fixed this. I don’t know if this will be useful for you tho. The issue was one plugin I bought from ionic market, and to be precise it was this one:

I already sent an email to the developer, but if you are using this plugin, it may be the cause of ios10 not working.

Link to solution : http://stackoverflow.com/questions/39406805/tap-issue-with-ionic-and-cordova-on-ios-10/39724664#39724664

Thx for him !