Why do I have to double tap to trigger click events in IOS?

Posted before but never get an answer, but it’s really starting to become a problem.

It seems in modals in particular I have to press buttons and items multiple times to trigger the click event.

Anyone know a solution for this?

Would be appreciated.

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Strangely enough I actually resolved this issue by adding the ‘tappable’ attribute to things like ion-footer ion-card etc.

This fixed the problem.

Could not find this in any of the official documentation though.

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You have done your ionic dev community a great service…Thanks for sharing this. Needed it and had no idea it even existed!

I tried to after the fact search for this directive/property/attribute to add some documentation to this but other than forum posts I got nothing.

There is a one year old issue saying “We’ll work on the documentation for this”

thank you stevenhastie