Braintree plugin

I am integrating cordova-braintree-plugin to Ionic 3 app.

The issue I am having is that on Android the drop-in UI always returns User Cancelled except first time it is used. iOS side works perfectly. For android consider the following:

  1. Launch app
  2. Start payment via drop-in UI
  3. Success and complete the remaining steps in app
  4. Start another payment
  5. The drop-in UI immediately returns USER CANCELLED. At this point the UI is still usable and functions properly by itself but since it has already returned nothing more happens.

After step 5 I have to kill the app and start from 1 to succeed again.

Any ideas?

PS - I have tried both the “official” and more recent fork

i’ve got the same error, have you find a way to solve this problem?


I encounter the same issue using Ionic 4. Have you found a solution for this problem?

It seems I managed to fix this issue - outdated android libs. Feel free to try this out:

ionic cordova plugin add git+

I will not follow this repo nor plan to support it this time. Leave comments here or see parent repo: (I PR there).