Ionic + Braintree integration

Hi everyone,

I would like to use Braintree payments in my app. The problem is when I try to add braintree paypal button. When user click this button, braintree open a external window with a login form. This works fine in a browser, but when I try to do the same in the IOS app, I see a white page.

Any of you have used braintree with paypal button?


I will like to know too. I think braintree dropin need https. Not sure if that is the issue. Do you have inappbrowser plugin?

Yes, I have inappbrowser plugin but doesn’t work

When I try to add braintree dropin into a $ionicPopup element and braintree redirects to paypal or whatever site, then I can’t click anything on the inappbrowser page as the popup behind it blocks it somehow…