Bluetoothle plugin peripheral app not detected in central software

My bluetoothle application working in peripheral mode in android is not getting detected in our software which is acting as a central whereas ios application can be detected by the software.

This is likely an issue with the plugin you’re using and not Ionic itself. Which plugin are you using? This one GitHub - randdusing/cordova-plugin-bluetoothle: Bluetooth Low Energy Phonegap Plugin?

In your situation I would

  • check the plugin documentation for any configuration you might have missed
  • search the issues of the plugin for similar problems
  • if you don’t find anything, open an issue on the plugin’s GitHub repository with a link to a minimal sample app that reproduces the problem

Thank you
I think the issue is not with my ionic application.

Hi did you find a solution to the problem? I am struggling with the same issue and cannot find any useful leads.