Bluetooth plugins, differences?

I need to connect my app to a BLE device (not another smartphone).
I’m searching for a bluetooth ionic plugin and I saw that there are three of them but I don’t understand the differences very well.
There are some resources / tutorials about ionic bluetooth plugins that can help understand these?

Bluetooth Serial - Ionic Documentation → is to be used only to connect to an Arduino device right?

Thank you

I would say the biggest difference is that the first one only supports BLE central mode, whereas the second one supports both central and peripheral mode. I have never used the third one.

If you use Capacitor, there is also a plugin in the Capacitor Community organisation (I’m the author). This one is also only for central mode. It’s rather new, so it doesn’t support yet all the features that the other plugins have. But it supports the web (using Web Bluetooth API) in addition to iOS and Android.

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Hi, thank you for your answer.
I need to connect to a remote controller (not another smartphone) that it’s connected with some cars for childs.
After the connection I need to send commands to the remote controller and read info from that.

Can your plugin help me to do this?
thank you

If your remote controller is a peripheral BLE device, then yes, the Capacitor plugin should be able to do that. It supports reading, writing and subscribing to notifications of BLE characteristics.