Bluetooth LE advertiser started but not working


I recently tried to implement the peripheral cycle on my ionic / angular app with @awesome-cordova-plugins/bluetooth-le, without success.
Previously I used GitHub - don/cordova-plugin-ble-peripheral: Apache Cordova plugin for implementing BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) peripherals., which is working well but is not maintained anymore so that I needed to switch.

Here is the code, which is quite basic :

        // Initialize bluetooth
        switchMap(() => this.ble.initialize()),

        // Initialize peripheral
        switchMap((response) =>
            request: true,
            restoreKey: 'bluetoothleplugin',

        // Add service on enabling
        filter((initializeResult) => initializeResult.status === 'enabled'),
        switchMap(() =>
            service: '1234',
            characteristics: [
                uuid: 'ABCD',
                permissions: {
                  read: true,
                  write: true,
                properties: {
                  read: true,
                  writeWithoutResponse: true,
                  write: true,
                  notify: true,
                  indicate: true,

        // Start advertising
        switchMap(() =>
              service: '1234', //Android
              mode: 'lowLatency',
              connectable: true,
              includeDeviceName: true,
              includeTxPowerLevel: true,
      .subscribe((status) => {
        console.log('Advertising status', status);

No errors are thrown (also in Android studio logcat), and the startAdvertising return seems good :

    "mode": 2,
    "timeout": 1000,
    "txPowerLevel": 2,
    "isConnectable": true,
    "status": "advertisingStarted"

However, the peripheral does not appears in scans, either on my laptop and on another smartphone. (which was also working properly on the previous implementation)
I use a Fairphone 3+ with Android 10.

Do I miss something ?