Bleeding edge - what's happened? (ignore please)


Got everything working really well after a long day and looking forward/needing badly a productive weekend and now all of a sudden I’ve got blank screens. I went back to v0.26 but no luck.
frustrating - I’m going to have to debug and read scarce docs to find out what’s happened.

Sorry guys - must be my mistake as no-one else has noticed.
Can the admin delete this post also. Thanks.


Actually, it’s not a mistake. :

So, the nightly changed drastically a few days ago.

I would suggest you use 0.9.26 right now if you already have a working code base and don’t want to refactor.

Unfortunately, the nightlies had lots of bug fixes for 0.9.26 that will now be lost to us. I’ve asked the devs to put a tag and release 0.9.27 number on all the improvements before this major breaking change. We’ll see if they think that is a good idea.