BLE Write issue

I am trying to write in to BLE Characteristics.

Below is my example code

var buffer  = this.stringToBytes("Test");

      result=> {
      }).catch(error=> {

I am not successful with this code. Can any one please lead me to any example with BLE.write syntax. ?

Are you using
Does other functionality of it work?
Do you get any errors or does just nothing happen?

Yes I am using the same Frame work.
The read program is working fine . I am able to read the characteristic.
I think there is some syntax issues with the BLE.write value parameter.
I didn’t get any errors in the BLE.write call.

I don’t know anything about this plugin, but took a look at the docs:

value | ArrayBuffer | Data to write to the characteristic, as an ArrayBuffer.

Is your buffer an ArrayBuffer?

Thanks for the quick reply sujan.

Yes It’s Array buffer only. Its the same function from the docs page. I have to

Is there any other library for communicating with BLE devices available with Ionic ?

Maybe try posting an issue on the Cordova plugin Github:

This exists but I am not sure if this does the same.

can you help me pls?