Problem with function BLE.WRITE (Bluetooth Low Energy)

Hello! I have a issue because I can have comunication with my bluetooth module (I can write) but I don’t know how can I have the response of my bluetooth module, for example after write in my bluetooth module I need obten the response like a “WRITE_OK” and after that, to do ble.disconnect.
In the documentation:

I can see that the function “write” have 4 parameters (deviceId, serviceUUID, characteristicUUID, value) and Returns a Promise.
In spite of in this link:

I can see that the function “write” would have two more parameters: ble.write(device_id, service_uuid, characteristic_uuid, data, success, failure);
success: Success callback function that is invoked when the connection is successful. [optional]
failure: Error callback function, invoked when error occurs. [optional]

OK, so… If I try to do with parameters success and failure I have the next error:
"Supplied parameters do not match any signature of call target. "
Then, I think the correct form is with only 4 parameters but in that case how can I have the response of my bluetooth module? Now, my code is like this:

BLE.write(deviceId, serviceUUID, characteristicUUID, this.stringToBytes(value)).then(data => {
  }, err => {
  		let alert = this.alertCtrl.create({
			    title: 'Error',
			    subTitle: 'No information was written: '+err,
			    buttons: ['Close']

stringToBytes(string) {
	   var array = new Uint8Array(string.length);
	   for (var i = 0, l = string.length; i < l; i++) {
	       array[i] = string.charCodeAt(i);
	    return array.buffer;

If somebody know how can I fix the problem, tell me please.

Thanks in advance!!

did any one got this issue solved !

Is this problem still unresolved. Please Let me know if you have found any work arounds. Thank You.