Ionic-v4 and Native BLE (Typescript)

When writing data with Ionic-v4 / Native BLE plugin the write function expects ArrayBuffer but the given example of creating an ArrayBuffer (data.buffer) does not return ArrayBuffer and gives the following error message:
Type ‘ArrayBuffer | SharedArrayBuffer’ is not assignable to type ‘ArrayBuffer’.
Type ‘SharedArrayBuffer’ is not assignable to type ‘ArrayBuffer’.
Types of property ‘[Symbol.toStringTag]’ are incompatible.
Type ‘“SharedArrayBuffer”’ is not assignable to type ‘“ArrayBuffer”’.

I’m able to compile the code if I use data.buffer as ArrayBuffer but I’m still not able to write anything successfully. Reading works OK.

Have you found a solution for your problem? I’m currently facing the same issues

just casting to ArrayBuffer is find

await this.ble.write(this._id, ‘FFF0’, ‘FFF9’, ary.buffer as ArrayBuffer);