Blank Screen Safari


I’m currently getting a white screen when I try to render on Safari (Both browser and mobile).
This is due to certain unsupported syntaxissesss.

So f/e in my case I have this in my bundle.js

let ActivationService = class {

So safari doesn’t support let I assume, not sure if it supports class, but it complains about what comes after let.
To me it seems like I’m missing a shim or something in compile options.

Does this ring a bell for anyone?
I am using webpack so that might be why it’s screwed up.

I will try to look at the ambient typings etc. But if anyone can shine a light?

Is it supposed to be doable with the let syntax or does that mean my compilation is going wrong.

I’m just looking through my bundled code.
It seems like my application itself which is obvs written in typescript, is only compiled to ecma 6. Whilst it should be commonJS

What am I missing.