Blank Screen on android after splash screen

I am seeing a black screen after the splash screen and before the home page of my app in android. This is happening only in android, it OK in iOS. This is running me crazy for last few days. Any help would be appreciated.

Problem the manually hiding splashscreen only works on ios!

you need to set the hiding duration in your config xml for android.

how do you edit it in the config of the XML?

@Duovili To do this :slight_smile:

  • first make sure you have the plugin installed

$ ionic plugin add org.apache.cordova.splashscreen

  • Then open your config.xml and make sure you have this tag:

<preference name="SplashScreen" value="screen"/> <preference name="AutoHideSplashScreen" value="false"/> <preference name="ShowSplashScreenSpinner" value="false" /> <preference name="SplashScreenDelay" value="3000"/>

  • then open your app.js and add this code:

    .run(function($rootScope, $interval, $ionicPlatform) { $ionicPlatform.ready(function() { setTimeout(function() { navigator.splashscreen.hide(); }, 300); }); })

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