Blank project missing lib, css

I just created a new project using the blank template. The HTML references lib/ionic/css/ionic.css and css/style.css which are both missing. This is missing as well: lib/ionic/js/ionic.bundle.js

Already being discussed in the beta announcement thread. Myself and a few others are having the same problem. Looks like the team is working on it.

Ok thanks - didn’t see a thread that seemed similar - but now - of course - I do. :wink:

Okay, taking a look right now. Sorry about this!

Do you have bower installed? It should have come with it, but could you try doing this and seeing if it works for you:

$ sudo npm install -g bower

Then trying to start a new blank project?

Looking into it…

Okay, I made some changes.

Can you try updating the ionic utility and creating a new project and letting me know if it’s working for you now?

sudo npm install -g ionic

I got rid of the dependency on bower and gulp for the basic use case.


Looks good, thanks! (Replies must be 20 chars. So. Beer Good. Ionic Good.)

why still missing css/style.css

@raymondcamden w00t!! Yea, discourse is finicky :slight_smile:

@MeiganFang that is just a placeholder. Feel free to add that file and add your own custom CSS. I am going to just inject an empty one since everyone is freaking out about that :smile:

Still missing ionic.bundle.js

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