Main.css Is missing in Android APK

Hi, I started developing my app with ionic CLI tabs template and I tested it with Google chrome using ionic serve during the whole development phase and it worked perfectly, but now whenever I try to build the APK the app gets exported without the main.css file, sometimes it works fine the first time I open the app, but when I close it and try to open it again the styles file is missing and the app becomes unusable.
any advice?

If you run…

npm run-script build

Do you see the main.css in the www/build directory?

Yes, it is there, why?

Was making sure it was being generated clearly!!!

If you create a brand new project does that project have the same problem?

I started a new project and it compiled correctly, then I moved the src folder from my original app to the new project and installed the missing packages and it worked, thanks

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