Blank Half Screen on Ionic - IOS



We are having this weird problem with Ionic, that appears to only happen on IOS.

The behavior is strange and we don’t know what to do.

Thanks in advance!


Do you have a CodePen example demonstrating the problem?


Andrew thank you for your answer. We dont have a codepen, because the problem is not easy to replicate. It only appears on IOS.
Still, do you want the code?


It might be helpful to see a screenshot of what it should look like for comparison and maybe the code for that view.


Here it is Andrew!

Thank you!


So is it cutting off the top half of your view then? Are you able to scroll the view and see the hidden stuff?


Its cutting the half bottom above the “Finalizar” button. And yes, the users are able to scroll, but since they have the white screen, they are lead to not scroll and they are fooled.


Really difficult to help you here without being able to see code replicating the problem. Not sure how to help you, unfortunately.


Even if it is only possible to be reproduced on a device, it is still helpful to include a Codepen. We can create apps based on Codepens. For example: ionic start myApp http:/o/brandyshea/pen/QwYRVZ will create an ionic app based on my Codepen.

If you are unable to create a Codepen, please paste the html and any custom css you are using.


Here it is the HTML &CSS if that helps (we are not used to Codepen yet but I’ll give it a try).


Out of that code, which view is the one with the problem?


This one: templates/movement.html


Could you find anything?