Big changes for Ionic CLI 3.8: No more plugins (and bug fixes of course)

Whoah, lots of releases for Ionic CLI:

Main changelog has this to say:

All functionality provided by the @ionic/cli-plugin-ionic-angular, @ionic/cli-plugin-ionic1, @ionic/cli-plugin-cordova, and @ionic/cli-plugin-gulp plugins has been moved into the core ionic package. The listed CLI plugins have been marked as deprecated. For the former two, project type is now detected and handled appropriately during ionic build, ionic serve, etc. For the latter two, integrations such as Cordova and Gulp are now detected and enabled automatically. See The @ionic/cli-plugin-proxy plugin is unchanged. You are encouraged to uninstall the deprecated CLI plugins upon updating, as they are no longer needed and will not be loaded.

and more:

3.8.1 changelog is here:

has been moved into the core ionic package

Just to be clear, core ionic is ionic as devDependencies of my project respectively npm install ionic --save-dev right?

Yes. Before you had these @ionic/cli-plugin-* thingies for everything, now you don’t any more.

Cool, thx for the confirmation

How do I remove this plugin with the command line, because when I run cordova plugin list
The list of cordova plugins is not displayed cli plugin cordova

cordova plugin list are the Cordova plugins.
You want to edit your packages.json, remove the @ionic/cli-plugin... entries in devDependencies and then run npm install again.

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I liked this here by the way:

And 3.9 is already here:

And here is 3.9.1:

Any explanation why the plugins have been moved back into the core package? It was only 2(?) releases ago they were split out. Be good to learn from this.

My guess:
Complexity with not much gain I think. They added entries to package.json, additonal update prompts (one for each plugin), releases and version numbers all over the place.

After upgrade to 3.8, when I run or build my project Ionic Cli first asks if I want to install proxy plugin. I do have this lib on my project, but, it keep asking to install it. Anyway if I say “no” it still build.

ionic cordova run android -lc

? Detected IONIC_HTTP_PROXY in environment, but to proxy CLI requests, you’ll need @ionic/cli-plugin-proxy instal
led. Install now? (Y/n)

See the changelog of 3.9.1 which fixed this.