Ionic CLI 4 - Release Candidate

If you are following my bot you might have noticed a few strange tweets in the last few days:

A whole load of packages with a version number ending in -rc.1 were released in the “Ionic CLI” repository.

I kept quiet about it as I didn’t want to flood the devs with reports, but as they posted about it on the official Ionic Twitter account I think it is safe to post this here now as well:

So, to install a RC of Ionic CLI 4 use this command:

npm install -g ionic@rc

I have used it myself and got almost no problems.


Thank you!!!

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Many thanks @Sujan12. Yay.

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What is new or different in CLI 4 ?

Thanks @Sujan12

Being able to use ionic s instead of ionic serve is a good idea - the number of times I used ionic seerve by mistake…

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With ionic 4, we will be able to take many avenues to creating our apps such as react, jquery (if one wanted to), angular, etc. Correct?

Is there some specific process to go about importing / using these?

Is it even necessary or do we just
Alter our development process?

Is there some documentation addressing these things that I missed?

Is this even possible at this stage of 4.0 development?

Just some thoughts I had. Any answers would be great if answers even exist.

I think the answer to almost every question is: still being finalized. But for example, you can just load ion-grid and ion-col, nothing else. Or you can just add one ionicon, nothing else. So you’ll be able to Frankenstein together an app using the framework you want and the Ionic components you want. That’s part of why loading and execution will probably be a lot faster.

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That’s kindof what I figured. I’m using 4.0 with no problems besides 1.

After running ionic serve then closing out w/CTRL+C, I sometimes have to restart my ide to run serve again. Otherwise it fails, throwing a message that says serve is already running.

Answer to all those: @ionic/core is a thing that includes all the Ionic UI components that can be used in any JS app. You develop whatever way you want with those tools - but use Ionic UI stuff inside.

Could you create an issue for this at Issues · ionic-team/ionic-cli · GitHub?

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Thanks @Sujan12.

Just took a look and the most recent posted issue is exactly that, so it looks like somone beat me to it. Should I post anyways to show it’s not an isolated event?

Add to that issue with a +1 or a comment with your details.

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Done. Thanks for your assistance.

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@Sujan12 Do you know what the current situation is - is V4 out or is in still a release candidate?

Still showing rc3 for me as the most recent release: