Collection-repeat shows up as a grid instead of a list for a moment while loading

This issue seems to occur when I switch the view back to the page with the collection-repeat in it, or empty and replace the data in the list. For a split second (on my computer) and much longer (on android) it appears as a grid instead of a list, and if I click back and forth between pages rapidly I can cause it to get stuck - which is how I took this screenshot.


My HTML (why aren’t indents showing up?):
<ion-list can-swipe="true"> <ion-item ng-repeat="item in items"> <i class=" item-icon-right"> <i ng-class= "icon ion-battery-full"><\i> {{item.get('name')}} </i> </ion-item> <div collection-repeat="post in posts" item-width="100%"> <div class="postContainer" > <div class="card"> <div class="item item-divider"> {{post.get('item').get('name')}} </div> <div class="item item-text-wrap"> Text goes here lorem ipsum </div> </div> </div> </div> </ion-list>

.postContainer{ padding-top: 10px; }