beta4: ion-scroll


I have the following

   <ion-scroll direction="xy">
      <img src="">

This is working in B3 but in B4, I could only scroll along the x-axis. If I try scrolling up/down, the entire image will just spring back to the top.

I’ve also tried with the nightly build (2090), same result.

I’ve also tried disabling the data-tap-disabled, same result.

I’m testing this on Chrome desktop browser.


I see the same issue, created a CodePen for it:

I forked the beta4 starter template and only added the ion-scroll. Last release this worked in was beta.1, which seems to imply it stopped working after the click() refactor.

I’m using Chrome and Safari on OSx.

I was able to work around this issue by creating a class with ‘overflow-y: visible;’. At least it seems to work on iOS.

Here’s the link to one of the issues tracking this problem: