Beta.3 -> Beta.4: Broken Serve?

Has anybody else upgraded a Beta.3 project to Beta.4 and found that ‘ionic serve’ no longer livereloads? I created a new project and the gulpfile and package.json are both way different so it’s obvious why, but not obvious why the upgrade didn’t take care of this.

Did I miss something? Reading the file I don’t see any instructions for modifying these files.

I upgraded a project from beta.3 to beta.4 recently and I wrote a short guide about it (check out the linked post for detailed instructions):

Check if you haven’t missed something when you upgraded…

After the upgrade live-reload on ionic serve works (but IMO feels a bit slower than in beta.3)

it does seem to be a bit slower… almost 3-4 seconds to update after a change

Thank you! That did the trick, but it does bring up another question:

I’ve been getting data from the Sqlite db using the onPageWillEnter() lifecycle event and it’s been working fine. Now with beta.4 the page loads, then the data is inserted into the view. Are you noticing this too?

It had been refreshing slower for me to begin with, but yes, it’s slower now than it was.