Beta-3 ionic serve didnt create app bundle

Hi, I have installed the ionic beta 3 version and started with a new ionic sidemenu project. ionic serve command didnt create the build app.bundle file. Someone please help.

You should be able to create it yourself by running “gulp build”

Thank you so much @sphaso. It works :slight_smile:

How to achieve live reload of bundle file in beta 3?

Everything like live reload still all works by default, but there’s been pretty big changes to the build process so it’s probably going to be easier to generate a new project and copy your code over, rather than trying to update your current project to beta3.

i have done the same and everytime i made some changes in code, i am running gulp build to create the bundle and then run ionic serve. Is that what expected?

You can run “ionic serve” on one terminal and “gulp watch” on another. That’s what I’m doing. Unfortunately, from what I can tell, gulp watch will only work on the JS files, not on changes done on the HTML.

oh!!!.. Thats bad :disappointed:
Thank you for the reply :slight_smile:

What Josh Morony said is indeed the best approach. A lot has recently changed and it’s better to just install the latest the latest Ionic, generate a new blank starter ( ionic start myApp blank ), and then copy your code over into that