Best way to use Push notification in Ionic App

I am new at Ionic( but I love it most than any other way to build an app) building an app for iOS and Android. what the best and comprehensive way to use Ionic Push (or Parse Push, though I am confused between these 2 which I should use) for push notifications . any step by step tutorial is appreciated.

Ionic Push is a push service that the Ionic team is building to work with Ionic Framework. It’s currently in alpha and is not recommended for production applications. If you intend to put your app into the App Store in the next 4-5 months, I’d recommend using Parse Push, which is a push service provided by Here’s a decent tutorial that should help you:

Yes, I need to deploy app in next couple of days. I had seen the tutorial and frankly this is the only one tutorial I have found to use Parse with Ionic but, I do not know how to integrate Parse without accessing premium membership video section . 19$ :confused:

Whether you needs send notification from server to your app use it’s free and is the easy way to do this.

I am trying it , seem easy however, my Android phone is broke, soon I get it from Service Centre, I will put it on the phone and will see what goes. I just find out OneSignal’s API PHP code which I can put into my wordpress to trigger push notification from server, right ?

@anubro FYI: I just got an email yesterday that Parse is shutting down their service, so that will no longer be an option.

Yes, you just need send a POST request to OneSignal’s server to create a push notification.

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