How to Publish an app with push notifications

Hello there…!!!

i have a question and can’t resolv it, i have an app in ionic 2 and this app needs push notifications, i have a backend with php for administration and content, this backend contains all data (users, password, profiles, content, etc.), then from this backend i need send the ush notification. How can i do it with PHP or what is the best way? For example i read some solutions, for example sockets, firebase or some services but yes i can do it in my PC but how publish that?

  • Do you know a service for this work (for ios and android)?
  • php sockets is a good way? (any hosting service have support to php socket then i had think in amazon web service but how i mantein the socket opened?)

Thanks for all, any help is very much for me.


OneSignal have a great API you can use that API in your PHPBackgend.
We use in our company OneSignal and it is awesome and 100% Free :stuck_out_tongue:

Check the Ionic Docs.

or you can use Ionic Cloud (Push)