Push notifications with Ionic

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I’m building my first Ionic application and I’m looking to implement push notifications in my application. Problem is, I’m a total noob and I have only a basic understanding of push notifications, and on googling this area I’m getting instructions for older versions of Ionic, so I don’t want to dive too deep without getting a better understanding.

My understanding so far is that I should be able to use the Ionic ‘Push’ plugins in my application to subscribe to a service which sends out push notifications.

But my problem is, how do I generate push notifications, and how do I then subscribe to those notifications? I currently have an ASP.NET Web API project hooked up to my Ionic application performing all the server-side logic - I’m assuming it’s here where I can generate my push notifications?

I appreciate all input, even if it’s just providing basic information or linking me to appropriate resources!

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What provider are you using to send push notifications? They normally have an API or web interface where you can edit and send push notifications.

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None so far, Sujan, I hadn’t realised I would need an external provider for push notifications. Ideally, I want users of my app to be notified whenever there is an update on their order, so the push notification would be something I would hope to generate from my ASP.NET application.

I took a quick look at ‘OneSignal’ as a provider for push notifications, I’ll look at a few more and report back here later with my findings, perhaps I can help someone else later.

Yep, OneSignal or competitors should all work just fine. Best look for one that has good support for ASP.NET.

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I use Firebase Cloud Messaging. The biggest advantage is I don’t need to maintain a push server. I hosted my own server for a year and just migrated to Firebase.
My biggest issue with 3rd party providers is they are too small to offer free forever. One fine day they will add a price or shut their doors.

Firebase is by google and is a critical part of their core services. Google may choose to shutter that service sometime but the chances of that happening are much less than a free service from a startup.

So anyway.

I use phonegap push plugin for my app.
When I used my own server I used a modified version of airnotifier which I will soon dump for Firebase so I don’t need to host any push server.