Best plugin for getting movement speed?

I am making an app what sets off alarms randomly, but it must not go off when the user is travelling over 15mph, in order to not distract them while driving for example. I have considered DeviceMotion but I was wondering if there are better plugins out there for what I want to achieve. I am aware that I can use background geolocation also, but I do not know if thisis necessarily the best tool for the job.

My requirements for this feature are the following:

  • Runs in background
  • Be able to get the speed the user is travelling at, or provide a way that I can work this out e.g. co-ordinates.

Any suggestions?

It sure seems like the background geolocation plugin is what you want, I don’t know how else you’d do it. The background geo plugin returns speed, so…seems pretty straightforward:

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Thanks for the advice, was just looking back at the API and saw the return for speed and realised how perfect it was.