Track User Velocity


I’m making an app where one of the main functionalities is going to be tracking the speed of the the user, like a GPS speedometer basically. Any suggestions on how I can do this? Or which plugins I need to use?

You can use Geolocation plugin and watchPosition method, the coords returned by this method contain a speed parameter, I am not sure if it have a great accuracy but It’s a good start point.

let watchUserPositionSpeed = this.geolocation.watchPosition({ enableHighAccuracy: true });
watch.subscribe((data) => {
 // data can be a set of coordinates, or an error (if an error occurred).
 // data.coords.latitude
 // data.coords.longitude
// data.coords.speed

// If want to stop watch user speed, just call
watchUserPositionSpeed .unsubscribe();

You can check here the docs of Geolocation plugin.

do u have the implementation about speed movement ?