What is the prefered way to get speed, distance and altitude in Ionic 2?

I’m developing a google map based application, and i would like to know how to get the distance speed and altitude.

It seems Geolocation.getCurrentPosition() and Geolocations.watchPosition() can’t correctly get the infomations i need, is it better to use Navigator.geolocation ? or maybe the backgroundLocation native plugin ?


I’ve used Ionic Native BackgroundGeolocation with success

did you use “Ionic Native BackgroundGeolocation” it only to get the position or also the speed?

Is it reliable, according to you?

I’m looking for a solution to get the speed of a vehicle.

Thank you very much


Checkout Transistorsoft.com. Works great!

Hi all,
there other methods to check the speed of a mobile phone in an Ionic 4 app?

I’ve tried BackGround Geolocation, but doesn’t work well it has some problems.
And Transistorsoft.com is not free.

Thank you very much