Ionic + genymotion = slow app transitions!

I’m using genymotion with a Nexus 7 Image (4.4.2 - API 19) in OSX, the entire OS is really fast, but when i run a ionic app is really slow! anybody knows why?

note: in a real nexus 7 device its running ok

Well if all is good on a real device, then no worries :smile:

I’m no expert on VM’s so it could be the actual limitations of your actual machine.

Using the latest version of Genymotion as of 2014-02-01, I think it’s way faster than Android SDK.
What are your Genymotion settings/prefs ? Do you use GM librairies, or Android SDK ?

I confirm — Nexus 7 emulation by Genymotion is much more snappier than the corresponding Android SDK emulator, on my iMac 2008 with 12Gb RAM.

@strato1986, do you still have the issue ?