Is it possible to use a fully custom HTML template in a Ionic app?


I’ve purchased a mobile HTML+CSS template on ThemeForest. Is it possible to use this template as the template of my Ioni app? Or I only can use the default ionic components?


Really interesting question.
Looking for a further infromation. Its will be awesome if we can use them.
Example to combine with Bootstrap or Foundation css frameworks.


@Delfins you would have to refactor some (if not most) of the code to conform to ionic. but it is possible.

As for templates, I specialize in creating ionic-specific templates and currently on my second to sort out this issue: (work in progress - subscribe for updates)

Hope this helps


@semoju i have gemioniy cool stuff. but i feel you should have added more ui elements e.g. the toggle button next to the like button should have a popover then paying for this would be worthwhile. otherwise people just have to pay for this and spend so much time customising it. Great work tho. Currently using it in one of my projects and I have customised a lot of it


Hi @bambo. Thanks for the feedback. Gemionic is designed as a collection of templates that won’t get in the way of one’s unique coding style/approach. Updates are planned but I would like to hear your input. Mail me at


Oh sure. Will email you sometimes. And by the way are you Nigerian?