Battery optimization

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We need the cordova plugin for battery optimization.Any plugin is available…

Please send the link If u have…

I think its very hard to optimize battery with the help of cordova plugin , Native application development much easy to do that.

I think some battery optimization techniques used my software like - anti-virus.

check the battery level

then disable some hardware devices features like

  1. wifi
  2. bluetooth
  3. decrease brightness
  4. disable some more important application

I think its very hard to disable feature like this. I am not 100% sure is this possible to cordova :wink:

thanks virender.

I am new to ios development.
“Native application development much easy to do that.” means we need to develop using objective c or swift language is correct? if my understanding wrong, correct me.

See Native application development is much hard then Hybrid application development like Ionic Cordova. As per my understanding.

But main concern is that what’s your objective .

In native application development for ios you need to learn Objective C or Swift . I suggest Swift here.
And for Android you need to learn Java, And for Windows Phone you need to learn C#.

And for Hybrid you just to need to learn HTML5 , AngularJs, Ionic and Cordova Or Jquery and Jquery mobile etc. Hybrid development easy to learn.

Think a scenario where you have limited budget and you want publish your application to all platform , Hybrid should be first choice one codebase for all platform in limited budget.
But you need to compromise in performance comparison then Native application development.

But for enterprise level Native is first choice because budget not matter , Application performance and security is first concerned.

okay thnaks virender.
can we use “CoreLocation.framework” for location access and battery optimize in ios native language.

I think its good for get location access, but battery optimization you need other things

In this Url please find this content "Apple offers three options to assess a user’s location"
here told “lower battery burden” . what is meaning about this line…Please advice.

I think its means Location service use low battery consumption.

So we can include this “CoreLocation.framework” framework into our cordova project and use it for battery optimization while access gps location.
Is correct virender?

Yes , You can use but must use disable some hardware devices features like

decrease brightness
disable some more important application

For optimization

okay virender.thanks for ur help :smiley:

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