Is capacitor suited for battery efficient apps?


I want to build a mobile app that would track trails and various sports, recording the user’s location, speed, and other data from various fitness devices in background. As the app would require continuous location tracking, I am concerned about the battery efficiency of the app.

I have heard about the Capacitor framework, and I am wondering whether it would be suitable for my app in terms of battery efficiency. Does anyone have experience with building location-based apps using Capacitor, and how did it impact battery life?

I would appreciate any insights or recommendations on how to optimize the app’s performance and battery consumption using Capacitor.

Thank you in advance for your help!

Location based apps drain your battery, no matter what technology you use to build your app, the problem is not the framework, is getting constant location updates.


Thank you for your reply @julio-ionic . Would you consider that a Capacitor app would use more battery compared to a native app?

Thank you!

No matter the framework, it’s going to drain battery. For the functionality you mentioned, your best bet is to use native instead.