Basic help for a stupid user


Hey there, this is my first thread here, so please don’t bash me if I’m wrong.
Just discovered this great framework (was opting to use Chocolatechip-ui) but I really don’t know how to use it. I read some guides, followed a couple of videos for the basic creation of an app, but what I feel I’m missing are the bases of the architecture.
Can someone address me to a guide (or if you want follow me tutoring in the creation) that teaches me the ways I can match the components of this framework?

Actually, just now for example, I’m trying to add a side bar to my main page, but I don’t understand how attach the side bar to the button and make it show or hide when the button is pressed.

Thank you for understanding (and sorry for my englando, but this is not my main language).


No one will bash your here hopefully :smile:
You can start from this link:
There are some good examples and tutorials over there.

You can also refer to ionic’s codepen
Again great examples over there.

Hope it helps ^^


Thank you @nbamj! I think will start with those. :slight_smile:
Any comment regarding notifications?